Established in 1991, Bauhaus imported internationally renowned brands of denim and accessories for sale. It quickly became a fashion mecca for the young and trendy shortly after its opening. In 1994, Bauhaus officially launched its first own label – TOUGH Jeansmith. This set Bauhaus firmly as a market leader in the segment of denim retailers. In 2002 and 2005, Bauhaus continued to launch two more of its own labels, Salad and 80/20 respectively. The former focuses on fashionable ladies wear while the latter features the military-inspired casual chic. Both offer a wide range of choices of apparel and accessories for consumers, as well as broadening the style spectrum for Bauhaus. In May 2005, Bauhaus took the company to yet another level and became listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With more than 70 retail outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, Bauhaus at present has more than 200 corners and points of sales throughout the world. In addition to its own brands, Bauhaus will continue to actively bring in more premium denim brands and top quality fashion labels to strengthen its position as a market leader in the fashion world.

Bauhaus is a name associated with a German art and design school famous for its avant-garde and individualistic artistic philosophies. This ties the company to the artistic philosophy that Bauhaus is unconventional and avant-garde, representing continual creativity, originality and functionality. Holding forth the above philosophy, Bauhaus creates each item, from the selection of material, color, style and functionality, with extreme care. Adding on unique design features, different colors and materials to reflect the unique sensitivity of each brand, while addressing the market needs. Retaining the strong brand identity of each of its own labels – TOUGH, Salad and 80/20, it is Bauhaus’s hope to create a lifestyle attitude and desire for customers through fashion.

TOUGH Jeansmith
Launched in 1994, TOUGH Jeansmith was the first private Bauhaus label. As one of Hong Kong’s leading fashion creators and retailers, their activities range from designing, to merchandising and sales networking. Representing the latest fashion trends the dynamic collection incorporates jeans, fashion wear, bags and accessories. Their designs are unique; Industrial and hardwearing but never compromising on street style.
TOUGH Jeansmith has a strong oriental background and are largely influenced by industrial elements. Based in Hong Kong, a modern and metropolitan city which brings together the East and West, TOUGH Jeansmith draws inspiration from this diverse cultural mix and offers a unique twist on current and future trends. The collection is sporty and sexy, yet sophisticated and gets noticed in the worldwide fashion market due to their unique finishing techniques and treatments they have developed.

80/20 is one of the private labels under bauhaus group in Hong Kong; its design is military-inspired. The military concept of 80/20 design draws on this theme for different elements of the products. With unique play of color, patterns, knits and use of assorted fabrics it adds another special element to exemplify the unique touch of the products. An entire collection of trendy designs with a tougher style, successfully brings a unique style to the brand.

Established in 2002, “Salad” offers a range of feminine ready-to-wear, aims to create a style that is dynamic and true to oneself. The brand concept of this label follows the example of the western style healthy food – SALAD. Choose different ingredients to create a salad of your choice – like the way that customers mix and match their outfits to create their unique style.
The décor of Salad store uses natural luxury as a theme to illustrate the unique, youthful and individualistic attitudes of the brand. Unfinished wood flooring and display units contrast with the metal display shelving to provide an illusion between the soft and tough. Showcasing an opulent side of Salad, each store also has a crystal chandelier to create a delicate and comfortable shopping environment. Even though lavishness and natural comfort does not usually match together, they both work miraculously well at balancing different spatial elements. This gives Salad uniqueness, as well as, illustrating the special fashionable attraction of the brand.